Friday, March 16, 2007

STILL clearing the dust off the blog...and bloginiscing

I've looked at most of my older entries tonight and I'm pretty surprised at the amount of information here over the last two and half years.

A lot has happened, a lot has been accomplished, and it's good to have it on a kind of record.

Not only that, but it's also good to have this little piece of cyber-estate that is stumbled upon every now and then, as opposed to some kind of mini-hub, like my myspace page.

Hey, don't get me wrong, the myspace thing is MEANT to be commercial - I guess what I'm saying is that it's good to have this little page here that is more mundane and isn't really publicized or anything.

It's like having a notebook that you keep next to the sidewalk somewhere in your neighborhood. You come by every now and then, have a seat, write about your thoughts at the moment, and leave it there. On occasion, someone might notice it and read some of it. I think that's really cool.

Right now, I'm trying to decide what I'll be doing once I'm done with this entry. My hours, once again, are pretty much backwards. Going to sleep in the morning. It happens to be all the time - I seem to be so nocturnal, as well as so free of strict, daily obligations, that I can roll around the clock sometimes.

I've been taking walks in the very early morning hours for the last few days. It's about 5:30am right now, so, I may do that again.

How's THAT for mundane?

Apart from that, I'm just trying to figure out a few things business and strategy-wise in terms of the music for the next few weeks and months. Things are going well - it can be hard to get that clear-headed, simple appreciation for where you are and what you've done when you have other goals at the same time, but I think that's the key to just enjoying yourself and not fixating on all of the other unnecessary stuff.

I'm happy about what I've done and I'm enjoying myself - yet, there's more to be done - YET, this is all the result of simply doing what I do and enjoying the process. THIS is the key to all of it. No need to get hung up on anything else. ANYthing else.

BUT, you still do those other things and do them as well as you can, and enjoy them for what they are.


Blogger Squeaky Wheel said...


When I finally make it up there, you'll have to give me a tour and let me experience the acoustics.

That sounded a little dirtier than I'd intended.

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